From Malmo to Sundsvall

We wake up in the morning regenerated from a good night’s sleep and after breakfast we are back on the road. The first stop we make is for the fuel supply: the machine drinks like a sponge. Recalling the journey of 2010 Tiziano notes that the Rossini caravan is stronger  than the Knaus Sundwind FD400.

A positive element that can be found in all service stations is the Serviceplats: an area dedicated to water supply, equipment to clean the windows and inflating tires.

In these streets, and with so little light available during the trip, it is essential to have the always well-cleaned glass. Whereas the outside temperature is often below freezing this time of year we must never forget the antifreeze for the windshield and keep checking its level not to remain without.

Our next stop is a picnic area on the sides of the E4 where we take a little walk, Silvia takes a bit’ of photos and all take the opportunity to go to the bathroom. The Swedish car parks all have clean toilets and heated. Often they include picnic areas with tables surrounded by nature and playgrounds for children.

The road is smooth and the scenery, though not snowy, is impressive with its colors and frozen lakes.

We try to take advantage of the light and wait lunchtime until 14 when we stop at a Burger King on the way

Along the way we see from afar the sphere of Nordkapp that seems like a mirage. We divert our route to go and figure out what it is and we discover that it is a “hoax”: it is just the advertising of a nearby golf course. We return on our street smiling for the incident.

The light goes away soon and the four already pitch dark.

At 18 he is to keep us company with impressive snow flakes that we try to capture photos and videos.

At 19, when we stop to the fuel supply, this is the scenario that surrounds us ….

Tiziano, as always, makes the rounds of machine control and caravans which unfortunately get dirty easily with salt pulling itself up from the ground. Carefully cleans windows and lights so as to be always visible on the trip.

Since we had eaten lunch at a Burger King there seemed bad not stop to dinner at Mc Donald. Here there are many, in the first part of Sweden, almost every gas station.

With the trailer parked in plain view we stopped for a refreshing break and we left the signature of our passage on the outer tables covered with snow.

After dinner we go again for a couple of hours and we stop for the night in a rest area on the way to about thirty kilometers from Sundsvall

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