From Sundsvall to the Arctic Circle

The alarm “goes off” at 7:00 with Martina and Novaljia who begin to draw our attention by jumping on the beds and playing chase.

The night’s sleep has regenerated us and we were able to recharge caravan’s batteries without the use of the generator, because where we stopped for the night we were able to find a current attack.

After a quick breakfast, and a series of photographs at the landscape that surrounds us, we resumed our march towards the North. The sun is just popping up on the horizon and are the 9:00 in the morning.

The city of Sundsvall seems almost out of place in these pristine areas and immersed in nature. Its industries with chimneys that send steam silhouetted against the sky with the colors of dawn just mentioned … even if it’s almost 10:00.

Just past the town the landscape becomes the usual one, marked by the typical Swedish houses in bright colors and overhanging roofs.

Suddenly the horizon stands the silhouette of a bridge across what was to be an expanse of water, but as we passed is completely frozen. The show is really impressive and we try to immortalize the best with photos and videos.

 During the trip we tried on several occasions to understand, with the locals, how to change our tire temperature and put those spikes. They are told that it was not necessary and that would have been enough of our winter tires because they had a tread in excellent condition. Of course, they are new !!

We continued grinding km and at 14:00 we stopped at a rest stop on the roadside for a bite to eat before it became dark.

We continue our march towards the North. The landscape gives us some breathtaking views. The thing that strikes us most is being aware of the presence of so much water around us, however, given the low temperatures, has turned into ice immensity.

Towards evening begins to snow abundantly, we continue for several kilometers and then we stop the nth gas station to refuel and grab a bite.

When we get into the caravan we realize that the snow has arrived even in the Truma. Tiziano promptly remove the cover and try to clean.

What has happened it depends on the fact that, with these temperatures well below zero, the snow does not stick to the road surface but remains volatile and the passage of the means creates a turbulence which makes it enter the hole of the burner of the stove.

For additional security Tiziano decides to make an “emergency” recovery by himself, having put his winter black suit, lies down under the caravan to seal the hole in the heater passage that so we should not use.

We continue our journey refreshed properly, we expect many kilometers and we can not stop!

The landscape is very impressive in the dark and the headlights illuminate the snowflakes continued to fall. Suddenly in the distance we see the reindeer in the middle of the road and slowly approaching, we stop and try to photograph them.


It ‘a great emotion that makes us smile and feel less fatigue of this very challenging trip.

At about two in the morning we decide to stop to sleep in a quiet area now within the Arctic Circle, surrounded by a snowfall that shows no signs of wanting to stop.

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