Pit Stop

Awakening is as always anticipated by cats that attract our attention playing chase and to be teasing throughout the trailer.

The increasingly cold temperatures will begin to be felt, not so much inside the trailer where the comfort is guaranteed by the Eberspächer heater, but on some seals of the windows where the ice condensation.

The signs of the journey you begin to see the face of our “drive man” who did not even have time to shave because it must try to walk the streets, until they are in good condition, in the shortest possible time. We do not know what we will find more and more going North.

We allow ourselves a healthy breakfast and then we put ourselves in motion.

While we women settle the inside of the trailer and prepare the equipment for the day, Titian deals to release the trailer from the snow accumulated overnight.

The landscape around us is fascinating in its increasingly dark colors even though they are already 9.30 in the morning. All objects around us are covered by snow, the road and the surrounding nature are one.

For an overnight stop we chose an area for parking next to a gas station in a small town.

During a supply of diesel we can observe with a little ‘attention to the area around us and as always we are affected by this immensity of snow everywhere.

The back of our caravan is now submerged by the snow that covers all of our adhesives.

Even the road signs are in line with the Northern Territory.

We proceed on these snowy roads with prudent pace but several times we cross trucks whizzing at impressive speeds.

Surrounded by an atmosphere of peace and increasingly white landscape we get to the Finland border where we cross a bridge over a river now completely frozen.

Given the worsening of the conditions of the road surface and above having no certainty about how will the Norwegian roads during a supply of diesel in the country of Kolarin, ask for directions again changing our tires and we kindly accompanied workshop Kolarin Kumi Oy .

After explaining our goal we can find a good one: we do install studded tires for car and trailer leaving there on deposit our winter tires.

The Kolarin Kumi Oy team behaved with us with great professionalism and efficiency.

Now that we have studded tires definitely traveling differently: our drivers will immediately notice that there is more grip and can therefore be more relaxed driving.

While waiting for the tire change, note the presence of Titian’s workshop Best Grip brand, company that provides Bergamo nails for tires and shoes with which he had made contact when he retrieved the studdable tires in Italy.

We load back into the car and Novaljia Martina, who in the meantime have svagate and rifocillate in caravans, and we share with Alta destination.

Along the way we encounter the first real cold temperatures. The machine detects even -33 ° !!

During the trip we ask help to our Italy Support Team (Yumi, Davide, Mareika and Mattia) who promptly make contact with the only High campground that is open, asking the leaflets to wait for our late arrival.

Almost near Alta we see in the darkness of the sky a glow. We seek an open space where to stop to observe and be enchanted by the sight of our first aurora.

Arrived in camp still full of emotion but unfortunately we find that the Eberspächer heater stopped working !!

Try several times to start it again but to no avail because it is blocked. We try not to get us caught up in despair, luckily we are in a camp and we use the current. We put into operation is the Truma gas stove’s electrical Ultraheat and despite the external frost we can have in caravans absolutely comfortable temperatures.

After a pleasant refreshing hot shower we fall asleep, exhausted.

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