In order not to miss anything…

When we wake up, the first thought is to try to understand the motives of the sudden deactivation of the heater.

While Silvia is a series of photos of the landscape that surrounds us…

… Our Tiziano wearing his black suit and jumps just below the caravan, although the temperature is around -25 °.

He wants to try to figure out if the problem comes from some obstruction in the exhaust pipe or suction device which, by condensing, may have frozen.

Both pipes are, however, free. His research then continue on the system power diesel.

Since this control is found that the system has probably caused by an obstruction diesel that has frozen.

We decided at this point to find a more comfortable place to be able to step in and out of the camp staff suggestion we head to Alta center looking for a pretty big place and heated.

After extensive research it can be hosted in a large car wash where we enter with car and caravan in tow.

We can bring the caravan temperature above zero and slowly defrosting.

The heater returns to work properly and we provide editing and even better insulate the plant to prevent future new frostbite. As always our Titian on the role of “Mac Gyver” and gets to work.

After losing a whole day to put back in full swing the trailer and its facilities we move more and more to the north …. the goal is approaching.

It begins to snow abundantly and snow accumulates quickly covering everything. Fortunately snowplows pass the time and the roads are passable thanks to our new studded tires.

Along the way, suddenly, back to keep us company for the dawn with its enchanting colors. We can find a clearing in the wilderness of snow and ice around us and we stop with the intent to enjoy this show of light above our heads.

Immortalize it is very difficult. The icy wind whips with gusts deadly and our fingers are frozen rapidly despite the layers of gloves.

When everything is finished we can understand better the meaning of the words that had sent us a message in our followers Davide Congia:

“The Lady and ‘unpredictable, a little’ capricious, but when dancing in heaven leaves you speechless”

We carry on as much as possible with the soul heartened by this show and we stop to sleep in a campground on the road.

Despite being immersed in the snow, and open only in the summer, it has a section dedicated to landlords. You can then, thanks to the kindness and willingness of the people who welcome us, find an open space to park our trailer and the current attack.

Just settled, we realize that the “Lady” is coming to give us good night dancing over to our trailer.

We fall asleep with the thought that now we really just missing the goal!!!

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