Arrival in Cape North

Our drive man, impatient to grind the last kilometers that will lead us to the goal, pulls out of bed all, including cats, before the alarm.

After a fast breakfast we start running: we must get to the meeting point for the departure of the train by 11:00.

After many kilometers inland now the road runs along the coast.

We meet a series of long tunnels that could also be closed. Each stiff northern temperatures fail to rise above the freezing level.

One of these tunnels go even below sea level and realize it for the pressure in our ears that is felt.

The landscape is always fascinating and the coastline reveals the exciting and unexpected glimpses.

When we meet the first sign indicating the municipality of North Cape (Nordkapp) we can not resist the temptation to take some photos.

Our driver climbs to be with him even closer feeling up the excitement for the great coming destination, then all together immortalize our first achievement. Already have arrived up to here makes us feel euphoric !!

Continuing on the road we cross the snow thrower that then there will be the forerunner.

Arrived at the meeting point for the departure of the convoy we are in the queue with only a few machines in a landscape completely submerged by the snow, where the road merges with the surrounding area.

Silence is surreal and the few people that are there, waiting for departure, you make a souvenir photo under the sign indicating the last 13 km.

Came our turn we too we throw down to take pictures and then also with our cats Martina and Novaljia.

While we’re in the car for shelter from the bitter cold and wind gusts we see coming the snowplough that is positioned in front of the bar.

Our time is coming…. we tremble with emotion and a bit ‘too cold.

The lights, the road closure barrier is raised and the train starts moving.

The road is straight uphill, the fund is frozen, and at every turn it seems that we lack breath. Alternate plain scenarios in long climbs, turns and descents. All around is very white but with that the “light off” typical winter polar.

In the distance you can see the cliffs to the sea. The convoy distances us almost immediately and you can see its lights in the distance in white.

We try to make shooting video and taking photos but the emotion is such that in the end prefer to enjoy it by ecstatic alive.

In these moments excited our drive man, during some challenging climbs where the medium seems to lose grip, even proceeds without noticing the failure to enter the four-wheel drive. We realize it only at the end of this adventure covering some photos. What is certain is that the wheels spiked, having more grip on icy surfaces, they made us go on without problems.

Only our driver Tiziano could do this stretch of road in winter, there and back, with a caravan in tow using the only rear-wheel drive !!

We arrived in the parking lot trying to put our jeep and caravan so we can take pictures that make you stand out in this scenario, but without hindering the other machines.

We know that the light will not last long here and try to take pictures as quickly as possible. An icy wind whips our hands and face at a speed of around 50 km / h and with these temperatures is really difficult to do anything.

After several minutes we realize that we have not yet gone to see the famous Cape ball North …. time passes tyrant and soon again the convoy to go back down and we can not lose it !!

The show, once crossed the central building, is breathtaking.

The colors of this kind of polar sunset (13:00 and seem to have our 18 o’clock) are lovely and everywhere we turn we caught the frenzy to stop to capture what we see to try to make indelible our emotions.

The cold is more and more pungent accentuated by a wind that does not give us respite.

We do the usual photo under the ball all together.

At some point, however, we do not do it anymore. No longer feel his fingers and toes… and face, in places exposed to the wind, has become a frozen block.

We are forced to go back into the building and take the opportunity to buy a couple of souvenirs for our friends back home.

The saleswoman tells us that the train is about to leave and we must hurry!!!

We believe that this visit lasted only a few minutes, however we have been here almost an hour.

The wind begins to worry and the return trip is done in complete silence for leave to our drivers the maximum concentration required for the control of the vehicle and the trailer.

This Nordic wind takes us for a long way, not only to the start bar but for the entire stretch along the coast even up to the hill areas not protected by trees.

The gusts of side wind, combined with the icy surface, are very dangerous because we could lose traction and skid. We decide to go very slowly because, since we are in absolutely nothing, we could not stop to wait for the wind to subside.

Eventually we found shelter in one of the city’s first encounter where we have positioned ourselves to sleep next to a mall that has protected us from the wind gusts.

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