Start the return

We wake up slowly, the wind has no intention to leave peacefully, but despite this it has to start.

Our direction is Kolari us where we need to remount the tire temperature.

While we travel we realize that today is the Epiphany and maybe also in Finland is a day of celebration.

Then we rely, as always, to our Italian team to make contact with the owner of Kolari Kumi Oy and figure out if despite the festivities are open and are able to make us the Pit Stop.

The landscape that surrounds us, as we continue our march, is completely submerged in snow. We pulled over for a moment to take some pictures and we meet on the road… a guy who is riding a bicycle. Amazing!!!

The road is very long, the scenarios are fabulous and the colors of the sunset (although I’m not even 13:00) begin to aflame the sky leaving us speechless.

We meet the reindeer crossing the road and hiding immediately after the surrounding vegetation.

Despite having already achieved our goal also the journey back is giving us the memorable scenes, colors and more wonderful views.

At one moment we are so excited to approach the edge of the road to capture our jeep and caravan in this Arctic sunset.

We arrive in Kolari around 15:00 and we contact the owner that within ten minutes does get the workshop, it closed for the holidays, two guys who get to work immediately to changing tires.

Our drive man Tiziano is sad to have to leave the studded tires that did deal with these icy tranquility territories and to distract herself, waiting to leave, he opens the hood of his Jeep and controlled the oil levels, requiring a top-up.

Once the tire change we continue the journey in search of an accommodation for the night that is able to protect us from the constant wind that does not give us respite.

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