Heartfelt thanks

Thank you to all

Workshop Perina

Thanks to all the staff workshop Perina in Verona (Italy) that within 48 hours, between Christmas and New Year without notice, has regenerated the automatic transmission of our Jeep allowing us to share, though later than at our table marcia.

Kolarin Kumi Oy

Special thanks to the staff we dedicate workshop Finnish Kolarin Kumi Oy.

Our expedition managed to reach the set destination with security and peace because of  their availability and efficiency.

Without no warning we were welcomed and they found a way to provide us with studded tires of which we need. Very special thanks go especially to the chief Juha-Pekka Pasma and Markus Mäkitalo who patiently tried to find ways to meet our requests and, despite the holiday period, we had promptly a big help.

Eberspächer Italy

We would like to thank Alessandro Decca Eberspächer Italy for believing in our dream to bring a caravan in the middle of winter to Cape Nord.


Having installing the heater diesel Airtronic D4 Plus in our Caravan was able to maintain a constant temperature of 18° during the whole trip avoiding any freezing and breakage of water systems and ensuring a pleasant comfort in times of stop.

San Rocco s.r.l.

San Rocco The caravan’ s dealer situated in Varese ( Italy) viale Borri 392: Tabbert Rossini 450 TD is the caravan that accompanied us in this shipping, all the purchase we need, we trusted dealer of San Rocco, we already knew for its expertise and professionalism shown over the years.


San Rocco nautica campeggio

In particular we thank Mimmo D’Amuri that immediately believed in our project and gave us as much support along with all the staff.

Media Voice Srl

If this adventure has had the opportunity to be shared, almost in real time, with people following us fondly from Italy, we owe it especially to the Voice Media Srl Via Pannunzio 8 in Milan.


Thanks to their team and in particular the availability and professionalism of Dr. Mauro Negri, who provided advice on telecommunications needed to orient ourselves in this universe of managers, we were able to choose the product that best suited our needs.

The data connection that we have provided has never had communication problems even though we could find often and willingly in completely isolated areas and immersed in the snow and although we went through in a short time 7 different countries.

In an era in which they multiply enormously offers and telephony products and management of data traffic, we have found competent professionals who have helped us make our way in this “jungle”, was really of great use.



San Rocco nautica campeggio
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