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From Italy to the North Cape in caravans

31 December 2016

After the departure from Verona the “driver” Tiziano led by grinding kilometer after kilometer, making only some technical stops for refueling with diesel and lunch breaks, taking the consignment to the first stop of sleep in Malmo in Sweden. Km. 1722 routes !!

We have no traffic and weather conditions have allowed us to proceed with a good pace.

The trailer is maintained at a constant temperature of 18° during the journey is to avoid any freezing and breakage of the installations to water is to have an agreeable comfort during the break times. For this purpose has been installed, in addition to the standard gas heating, an additional heater diesel Eberspächer Airtronic D4 plus.

Eberspächer Airtronic D4 plus

By Tiziano, a lover of good strong coffee Italian, the thorn in the side is the coffee you drink in the petrol stations staging points. In addition to not be good at all we also had the pleasure to pay a coffee 2.40 euro !!

Bathrooms in Germany are often paid with the turnstile: € 0.70 for every entry in which it is then released a € 0.50 voucher to spend in the various bars of the chain.

Eberspächer Airtronic D4 plus

For dinner we stopped in Malmo in a parking area with services. We also attacked the generator to recharge a bit ‘batteries of caravans.

We celebrated the New Year in our own way, toasting in advance saw the impending sleep and justified by Tiziano.

To sleep we moved a few kilometers further on, and we settled on the parking lot of a shopping center that seemed safer and more controlled.

To be part of the expedition there are also two female cats of the Family: Martina and Novaljia.

Martina is 7 years old and has already participated in the expedition to Rovanjemi in 2010.

Novaljia has three years and for her this is the first time such a long and demanding journey.

The cats traveling in their carriers and not suffer at all the cars. When they need to stretch their legs will do well to understand and are liberated in turn, because otherwise they spite. Some people go to snuggle on the legs of Titian and those who prefer to position themselves on our jackets in the rear compartment.

For the cats needs can use their litter placed in the bath of the trailer.

Happy and satisfied with the first stop made we fall asleep hailing the arrival of 2017.

29 and 30 December 2016

The day of 29 and 30 spend the morning relaxing waiting for the restart: need recharge energy in view of the many kilometers ahead.

The North Cape Expedition is synchronized for leave in the afternoon the 30th at 6 pm from agricamping “Company Court Agricola Finiletto”. The delivery of Jeep been in time by “Perina” laboratory after being overhauled with efficiency and professionalism in all its parts, allowing Tiziano to be quiet for go ahead.

A following our question if it had been possible to prevent this, at workshop they explained that the only hint might have been found by a careful analysis of the gearbox oil which contained ferrous wear debris of the converter indicative. This analysis has unfortunately been underestimated by the workshop Jeep in Genova where they were made all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in view of trip.

At 7.30 pm in December, the 30th despite all the vicissitudes that have affected the shipment, we do not facts discouraged and decided to start over again. This time, maybe a little ‘for good luck due to numerous unexplained mishaps, we decided not to disclose in any way the news on social networks postponing any publications at least in the new year and at least after touching the Swedish soil.

28 December 2016

The 28th Bia take back the Girandola at the Jeep workshop where specialist was finishing the surgery to change the filter and the oil. Car is finally returned to Tiziano at 11am, but the mechanic specifies that the intervention may allow the Jeep to return to Genova, but with no guarantee on its actual results. Tiziano decides to go home with the trailer trying to risk the journey. Along the way, and mulling it over, however, he fails to give up its desire to undertake this adventure. Makes a few calls and, through his friend Pino, he discovers that in Verona there is a specialist in the regeneration of change, able to return to return in two days its full work. Just think about it .. .. in Pavia they change the destination and they go to Verona while on voyage is felt Silvia to stay ready to leave again!

27 December 2016

December, the 27th begins with a series of phone calls from the garage of Riva Sa staff who goes in search of a Jeep dealer can make a precise diagnosis on the incident.Car and trailer are then moved with the tow truck in Mendrisio, where an issue is confirmed to shift converter.

While trying to find a the crew of Bia solution to the problem is working to help out by moving the trailer in their place and welcoming the Girandola, celebrating Adriana’ birthday, a beautiful and carefree evening which also participates Schultz another surprise in the day!

26 December 2016

In December, the 26th, The Girandola (Tiziano and Adriana) and Prime (Silvia and David), nick name that identifies them within their Club membership (InCaravanClub) gather in Switzerland to spend the day waiting together. But there is a surprise coming, and at lunchtime, the Prime accomplices, five other crews reach Girandola in this forced break from the trip trying to cheer him up. The sound clacson car anticipate the arrival of the Jurassic, Willy, Manfrin, Chef and Gorgoidro.

After the first moments of elation, awe and emotion do not lose any more time, and it sets up a table with an aperitif and a pot of water to cook pasta for everyone.

They spend a few hours in good company looking to raise spirits still disappointed by this unexpected event.

The Girandola are struck by this great involvement on the part of the INCARAVANCLUB’s club crews that despite the holiday period and departures scheduled for the holidays did not hesitate to dedicate a part of their day.In this way, they definitely had a great energy to face with a stronger spirit of the response of the mechanical status of their car.

25 December 2016

The regret for the forced interruption of travel is strong and with great disappointment we are going to live our Christmas.

The day 25 of December We spend stunned disbelief of what happened. The facts prior checks on the vehicle have been so many and accurate than ever we would have expected that just the car we could create problems.

Let us however not to lose the good humor in this festive day eating a bit ‘of cake and toast.



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